Kinetisense Screen
3D Markerless Motion Capture System

Kinetisense is a revolutionary functional movement motion capture system that accurately objectifies movement, range of motion, and balance. Using this system, we can assess and measure 48 different ranges of motion and movement to determine areas of concern or that may be affecting movement. In addition, Kinetisense allows the patient and clinician to see the effectiveness and results of treatment in real-time.


University Validated for Accuracy and Objectivity
KAMS Assessment

KAMS is the most efficient and objective functional movement screen on the market, analyzing 12 evidence-based movements in approximately 3 minutes. KAMS generates a comprehensive functional movement report that identifies strengths and dysfunctions in the human body.

Functional Movement Assessment

Our system facilitates the functional analysis of any front-facing position with hundreds of variations. Every human body is unique, and each body has its own mobility and stability capabilities. Analyze human movement in real time and all three planes of movement.

Kinestisense Evaluation Preview

Every new patient gets an in-depth movement evaluation followed by a corresponding injury/painful area joint ROM and stability assessment.
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