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Are you looking for a different Chiropractic experience in Tampa or St. Pete? Our office is not like others and our patient experience is top-of-the-line. Too many active individuals are frustrated because of injuries or pain that hold them back while exercising or participating in their sport. We help you achieve your goals and get you the relief you need to get back to doing what you love by providing you with 1-on-1 individualized care, hands-on manual techniques, and by providing clear explanations of your problem.

You Deserve To Feel Better So That You Can Live A Healthier Life

How Chiropractic and Our Process Can Help
Chiropractic adjustment

Pain Reduction

The first step in recovery is reducing your pain intensity and frequency through a combination of hands-on techniques and movement.
Injury Reduction

Injury Reduction

You are given the tools to understand how to strengthen the injured area and reduce the risk of injuries for your sport or activity so that you can continue to enjoy your life.
Sports performance

Improve Sports Performance

We keep you feeling good after your workouts, sports, or extracurricular activities so that you can perform at your best.

The Discovery Visit: It All Starts With a Conversation.

Discover Where You Are and Where You Want to Be. The 30-Minute Free Discovery Visit is Vital to Ensuring You're a Great Fit for Our Practice. This Free Consultation is Imperative to Helping Us Understand How Strength & Spine Can Help You Get the Relief You Need. Before anyone becomes a patient at Strength & Spine, we meet for a free consultation so that we can learn more about YOU. We’ll talk about your background, aches, previous injuries, pains you are dealing with, and your goals. In addition, we will take you through a movement and joint screen to assess mobility, stability, and flexibility. With all of this information, we are better able to determine if we are the perfect fit to help you reach your goals. From there, we will schedule your initial treatment and plan of care.

Get Wiser. Get Stronger. Get Better.

Get Wiser: We provide you with clear explanations and management strategies of your diagnosis so that you understand what is going on and how you can implement the management strategies immediately.

Get Stronger: We believe in the idea of building resiliency, or the ability to cope with or manage something, in spite of set backs or barriers. One of the best ways to do this is through exercise and strength training.

Get Better: We help you get out of pain and return to your daily activities, sports, and exercise. Our manual techniques combined with exercise will help you get out of pain, move better, and continue to feel better. 

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Our Goal Is To Guide You Through Your Injury

We are the Premiere Sports Chiropractic Experience in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Fl

At Strength & Spine, we understand how frustrating it is to deal with the setbacks of pain and injuries while working out and trying to enjoy our active lifestyles. Through our strength and conditioning and sports chiropractic experience, we are able to evaluate your lifting and sports technique and modify it appropriately if needed. 

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Our Treatment Style

We are Sports and Rehab Chiropractors that Serve the Tampa and St. Petersburg Area

The treatment style at Strength & Spine is not like most chiropractors in Tampa or St. Pete. Most offices are 5-10 minutes, quick adjustment, maybe a hot pack or electrical stimulation, and then they ask you to come back 2-3x a week for 20 weeks.

In our office, we treat our patients at 60-minute intervals and provide what is clinically necessary. Treatments can include chiropractic adjustment, manual therapy (deep tissue), physiotherapy, dry needling, acupuncture, cupping, Shockwave, Laser, Winback TECAR therapy, NxPro pulsed-direct current, or PEMF. Our style focused heavily on correcting movement, emphasizing mobility and stability, and amplifying the healing process. 


What others have to say.about their Sports Chiropractic Care at Strength & Spine Chiropractic
testimonial image
Jessica L, Teacher, Pinellas Park, Fl

"I actually went to him after being diagnosed with a shoulder tear that was going to need surgery. A month later, I am pain free and working on stabilization. Dr. Cam takes the time to explain things and make sure there is a plan in place. I am so thankful for him!"

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Jon, Runner, Tampa, Fl

"These guys are miracle workers! Dealt with Achilles tendinitis 3 weeks before running the Chicago Marathon. Saw Dr. Caleb once a week during the 3 weeks leading up to the race and ended with finishing the marathon with a personal best time! Not possible without getting treated at Strength & Spine."

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Fawn L, Accountant, Pinellas Park, Fl

"Dr. Cam has not only treated my knee for the pain, we worked on strengthening the muscles in my leg and knee. I now have the confidence to return to doing all the activities I previously enjoyed and feeling much less pain. I am so grateful for the care I have received and look forward to staying active. Both Dr. Cam and Dr. Caleb are highly skilled and very caring. Appointments are always on time and there is no waiting to see the doctor."

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George, Runner (Tampa, Fl)

Dr. Cam and Dr. Caleb are great at what they do and clearly love to be there for their patients. I struggled with a hamstring injury for months (cross-country), and after receiving consultation from Strength and Spine I not only achieved my goals of being able to run again pain-free but learned some science behind the movement (which I had been lacking greatly) and walked away getting to know two of the coolest and most knowledgable people I've met. If these guys can't help you with their expertise and capital, nobody can.

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Devante B., Pro Athlete, Tampa, Fl

"Great Chiropractor. Goes above and beyond to meet your needs. Being an NFL player I need to continue to make sure my body is firing at all cylinders and Dr. Cam gets me right. Best Chiropractor in Tampa Bay"

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Tyler, CrossFit Athlete,Tampa, Fl

"10/10 recommend you won’t go anywhere else!

They are so professional and use the most cutting-edge techniques and methods to help solve your issues. Whether you are a d1 or professional athlete or a regular desk job guy like myself he gives you the same level of care which I appreciate greatly. 10/10 recommend you won’t go anywhere else!"

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Binh, Orthodontist, Tampa, Fl

"I had a wonderful experience with both Dr. Caleb and Dr. Cam. They both helped me to completely rehab my left shoulder which has been a problem for many years. I cannot thank them both enough for their guidance and knowledge throughout the whole process.

Definitely not your average Chiropractors !!!"

Affiliations And Certifications

We Have Helped Athletes Playing At The Highest Levels

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Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals

This Is The Simple Process
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Schedule An Appointment

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Together, We Create A Plan

Together, We Create A Plan

We create a customized treatment plan together based on your specific goals.
Return To Doing What You Love

Return To Doing What You Love

You are no longer limited by your injury/pain and able to perform at your best.

Stop Letting Pain Control Your Life And Start Feeling Better.

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