Headaches And Migraines Arise Frequently In Many Due To The Daily Stresses Of Life And Work

There are a plethora of potential causes of headaches and migraines including stress, lack of sleep, cervicogenic tension, nutritional deficiencies, etc.

Chiropractic can help by:

Proper diagnosis and identification of the source of headaches is critical

  1. Identifying the root causes of the headaches
  2. Reducing the intensity of the headache
  3. Reducing the frequency of headaches
  4. Relieving the headache

Common Treatments for Headaches Include:

Tension Headaches

As Chiropractors, the most common cause of headaches we see is due to tension. Tension headaches are typically described as a headache that feels “tense”, like pressure on the head, and radiates from the base of the skull around the scalp to behind your eyes.

Muscular tension and lack of upper cervical spine joint range of motion may result in tension headaches as the sensory nerves to the scalp arise out of the suboccipital musculature. Excessive tension of these suboccipital muscles may result in pain referral around the scalp providing a sense of pressure and tension.

Patients with Tension headaches respond favorably and get relief from muscular release, acupuncture, and chiropractic cervical manipulation.  In addition, we can provide ergonomic advice and certain exercises and stretches to help alleviate muscular tension and retain joint range of motion.

Cervicogenic Headaches

The 2nd most common cause of MSK-related headaches

Cervicogenic headaches refer to headaches that are due to irritation and inflammation of the cervical spine joints or discs. The dysfunction of these structures results in the referral of pain up to the head and typically worse on one side. To address the root cause of the symptoms, it is imperative to get a thorough exam and treatment to reduce symptoms and not just cover them up. 

Following a series of hands-on techniques, incorporating physiotherapy exercises focused on increasing cervical spine mobility and strengthening the postural muscles of the upper back. 

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