Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology (“PEMF”)

Pulse Centers X Unit

A wellness modality with a variety of benefits. PEMF systems utilize sophisticated generators and a variety of application accessories to introduce electromagnetic fields (note: this is not an electric current), through the clothing and skin, and into the body.

The pulsing field introduces an electromagnetic charge to the cells, stimulating and exercising them. The cells use the supplemental energy from PEMF to better perform their many jobs—relaxing the body to assist with muscle fatigue, providing full-body energy, and enhancing the natural recovery process.

How Does It Work?

PEMF sends direct pulsed energy waves into the body’s natural magnetic field causing a surge of energy, increasing the motion of electrolytes and ions in your body’s tissues and fluids. As cells are recharged, the functional capacity is enhanced and cellular energy is increased.

What Does It Help?

  • Influence electrical changes in cells and restore overall health status
  • Decrease the “fight or flight” response, increase “rest and relax” response
  • Reduce pain and swelling while increasing functionality and range of motion
  • Battle low energy levels
  • Decrease low back pain, hip, shoulder, and knee pain
  • Decreases recovery time following a hard workout

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