Sports Chiropractic Care at Your Event

Credentialed as both Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians and International Certified Sports Chiropractors

The Doctors at Strength & Spine Chiropractic have worked several sporting events locally, nationwide, and internationally. Working at sporting events consists primarily of two things: providing Medical Oversight/Emergency Management and/or providing Chiropractic Care. Having the additional education and experience in sports, we are able to provide care and ensure all athletes and spectators are safe throughout the event. If any emergencies arise such as serious injury, cardiac events, fractures, or concussions, we are trained to care for and triage as necessary.

Sporting events we have worked in the past include:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Weightlifting


The Doctors of Strength & Spine have been trusted by USA Volleyball Florida Region, USA Tae Kwon Do, Team Kiwi Volleyball Club, and TDR League

Medical Oversight

It is within our scope of practice as DCs to oversee athletic events

The term medical oversight is a term used to describe the overseeing physician which can be an MD, DO, or DC in the state of Florida. The role of the overseeing physician is to help make emergency medical decisions, triage, and provide care for athletes and spectators as needed. Because of our additional education in emergency management and in sports, we trained in the following:

  • Athletic taping and wrapping
  • Detecting and responding to Cardiac events
  • Cervical Spine Collar placement 
  • Bracing fractures
  • Addressing and treating Heat-related illnesses

We have seen a plethora of injuries and serious health-related incidents. We tell all the athletics trainers, coaches, and program directors, we would never work an event or opportunity if we did not have full confidence in our abilities and the care we could provide!

Sports Chiropractic

How Sports Chiropractic treatment at your event can benefit you

Providing sports chiropractic treatment at an event can amplify the experience of the athletes attending as they can get treatment for acute injuries that occur during their sport. When working an event, we the services and treatments we provide are very similar to getting treated in our office. Care typically consists of Chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, taping, recovery services, and stretching. We ensure all athletes attending can feel and perform their best by providing quality care from clinicians who work primarily with athletes.

For those interested in hiring us for your event, please contact [email protected] directly with the information about your event, how many athletes, location, and dates needed.