What is causing your Lower back pain? You may have been told you do not stretch enough, you are misaligned, or that it is just “normal” to have low back pain. You may have even tried quick adjustments where it hurts and with no resolution of your symptoms. All of these are untrue of course, but without an in-depth understanding, you can be unsure of how to fix it. It is important to examine the area of pain or dysfunction, but it is just as vital to assess the joints above and below in addition to functional tests. It is for the very same reason that we don’t just adjust you where it hurts, because this area could be the victim and not the villain of the problem.

Our bodies innately will compensate and adapt to any tasks we are trying to accomplish. Athletes are the best compensators in the world because functionally they will figure out how they can perform well. We are dynamic beings so why would we evaluate you in any other way? The key differentiator here is they put in massive amounts of effort into seeking clinicians who help them understand where they move well and where they don’t.

One thing we use to assess both athletes and patients is the KAMS assessment. KAMS stands for Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen. It is a 3D sensor technology that efficiently and objectively assesses the fundamental movement of patients and determines which areas could benefit from either more stability or more stability. That in addition to an in-depth examination allows us to be crystal clear on what is causing your biomechanical dysfunction and then we can work on your specific solution.

One common thing we see is that when one or both hips lack mobility, the lower back takes over the load because the hips are not doing their proper job……Yet. Utilizing therapy tools like Pulse PEMF therapy and soft tissue therapy along with your specific corrective exercises, we can find the root cause of your problem. Applying the right therapy at the right place will give you confidence that you are on the right track and help your lower back become resilient to anything you put through it.

If you are unsure if your hips are causing you lower back pain, schedule a FREE discovery visit online at strengthchiro.com

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