You have most likely heard that CrossFit causes injury.

I’ve even heard some Chiropractors say “as long as CrossFit is a thing, I will always have business”.


Now, before I give you my thoughts on this statement, I do have to say Dr. Sarah and I have been doing CrossFit for about 2 months now at CrossFit Palm Harbor and absolutely love it. We only go once a week for right now because we do so many other things such as Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Orange Theory, and at home workouts. 



Now that my bias is addressed (even though I had the same answer before I started doing CrossFit), here is my answer to that statement.

The idea that CrossFit is a sole contributor to injury is a load of bologna. CrossFit does not cause injury. Excessive, repetitive, and intense loads that are higher than your body and tissue capabilities causes injury and pain. And the statement that chiropractors will stay in business because of CrossFit makes me want to vomit. 



Here is an example: I go to CrossFit and don’t drop my ego at the door. I pick the heaviest weight/prescription weight and perform a few repetitions of X exercise. My individual capacity allows me to lift for a total load of 1,000lbs, but I end up lifting 8,000lbs in total. 

What do you think happens next? My body’s alarm system goes off as there was a severe increase in total load and volume that my body could handle and I experience aches and pains. Does this mean CrossFit CAUSED my injury? Absolutely not. I could have done the same thing in my home gym, Orange Theory, F45, or any other gym/workout style.



Personally, I would say the most likely cause of injury in CrossFit athletes is due to not leaving one’s ego at the door.

Yes, the competitive nature of CrossFit does require one to push the limits and constantly perform at high levels, however, the easiest analogy to use is an engine. If an engine can only handle going at a top speed of 150mph, you don’t try and force it to go 200mph. 



As we have finally addressed the idea that CrossFit itself does not cause any injury, I would like you to know that here at Strength & Spine Chiropractic we are a part of your team. We understand what it is like to get injured and not be able to workout and perform. We are here to help you get back to your gym and performing at optimal levels. We view ourselves as guides and work with you and your coaches to getting you back to your box. 


Chiropractic and CrossFit go hand and hand as we help athletes recover from injuries, keep them from getting hurt, and optimize performance.  One of the biggest things we do is educate you on potential causes of injury, accurate diagnosis, how you can manage your condition, and designing a plan to get you back in the gym. Our expertise may be spinal and extremity joint manipulation, however, our toolbox includes many different techniques to help you get better. From manipulation for lack of mobility and joint irritation, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and manual therapy for muscular tightness and strains, to therapeutic exercise for joint stability and increasing tissue strength. We are even able to work with you about your nutrition, stress management, and programming!


It’s important to choose a clinician who views movement and fitness as an imperative part of the pain and injury cycle.

It’s even better to choose a clinician who actually practices what they preach and knows what you’re talking about when you say the 25 wall balls and 15 toes to bars crushed you.

We also don’t want CrossFit athletes to go to someone who views them as a money maker instead of as someone who is trying to perform their best and constantly get better. 



Dr. Cameron Gholampour DC, ICSC



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