Golf has historically been a sport that many thought of as a laid-back game and the perception was that you did not have to be in good fitness to be an elite golfer. Then came along examples like Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy who changed the way the sport was played and won. So how and what did they do that was so much different than how the game has been played for centuries? The simple answer is that these professionals have taken strength training seriously to a whole new level that has changed the sport forever.

Cardiovascular activity has always been ingrained into the game as professionals are required to walk the course and in a typical four tournament will average about 16-20 miles and can burn up to 8,000 calories. It is a part of the game that has not changed much as well as the courses themselves and context of the rules and how to play. As any game evolves more information becomes available and players/coaches look for any small advantages as the margins are razor thin at the most elite levels. They wanted something that would improve their distance off tee box, increase accuracy on all phases of the golf course, maintain and improve flexibility, and decrease their chance of injuries. Does this sound too good to be true because this is what an effective strength training program can do.

The outdated stereotype to lifting weights is you are not trying to be a strongman or that you might lose flexibility which could hurt your game. The ability to hit the ball further is an obvious advantage but some are surprised to hear that you can actually significantly improve the accuracy of your swing and flexibility in your body associated with working out. Similar to how static stretching is not as effective as dynamic stretching for warming up the perceived feeling of tightness in your muscles, strength training will improve your ability to control your muscles in how powerful and accurate you are. 

Most professional teams nowadays have a player, swing coach, and clinician to help perform their best. One of the most important things we can do is properly evaluate and assess where you are losing stability or mobility at each joint system and how to more efficiently train them instead of guessing or hoping google has the answer to your pain or dysfunction associated with your golf game. The other aspect to that is educating you on any other potential causes of injury, how to manage it properly, and coming up with a plan that works for you on and off the course. 

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