Injuries happen and sometimes surgery cannot be avoided if severe enough. The most common orthopedic surgeries are ACL reconstruction, Joint replacement (shoulder, hip, knee), Ankle repair, and Spinal fusions, etc. And all the time people ask what they can do to expedite their recovery or do pre- or post-surgically that will give them better surgical outcomes. Having a greater range of motion and a stronger joint gives you better surgery options and less of an uphill battle to climb afterward. Building muscle takes much longer than losing it, so why wouldn’t we do everything to preserve this advantage in rehab?

One tool that has helped us achieve better results is utilizing Winback Tecar Therapy. It has three main benefits to accelerate rehabilitation including relieving pain, restoring movement, and boosting cellular metabolism. It is an Electrothermal technology that makes the plasma membrane permeable, stimulating intra- and extracellular exchanges. Fancy words for the exchange of things in and out of the cell that are required for the many processes involved in cellular activity and healing.

The best part is–Winback Tecar Therapy is safe to use on orthopedic metals and joint replacements. We can use this post-surgically to decrease muscle atrophy and to stimulate the healing process after your injury. Lots of modalities either are not as effective or cannot be used with orthopedic implants and parts, so this has been a real game changer for us in getting better outcomes.

Some examples of patients we have helped enhance their post-surgical rehab include getting them back to what they love to do

  • 55-year-old male CrossFit athlete with knee and calf pain following a Total Knee Replacement
  • 18-year-old volleyball player following an ACL-Reconstruction
  • 31-year-old Bodybuilder following a rotator cuff repair and SLAP tear
  • 37-year-old Mom who loves to box and work out with several pins and a rod placed in her ankle following a bad fracture
  • 25-year-old professional Basketball player following a hand fracture

Almost all of these patients had prior rehab before finding our office and starting care and all noticed a drastic difference in their recovery as they were able to comfortably perform their recommended rehabilitation and noticed faster results with their mobility gains.

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