There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding lower back pain and all of its causes. Patients will
tell me that their adjustments “don’t hold”, that it makes their symptoms worse/hurt, and that
they have tried chiropractic care or physical therapy in the past.

Common symptoms of Lumbar Instability include:
● Pain with prolonged periods of one posture (standing or sitting)
● Temporary relief with adjustments
● Catching/Locking feeling in back
● Hypertonic or spastic back musculature

The first thing your clinician should be doing is finding what is causing your lower back pain. If
you have ruled out serious pathology, major structural damage, or an acute fracture in your
lower back, then you can take a functional approach to learn how to fix your lower back pain.

There are two major classifications of joint function: Hypermobile and Hypomobile joints. Both
classifications can send pain signals to your brain that require drastically different solutions. A
hypermobile joint is a painful joint that is moving excessively and needs more stabilization in the
area. This is a huge revelation to people when they aren’t getting the relief they want from a
5-minute “rack and crack” down the road.
You are a unique person that requires a unique solution.

If you have lumbar instability then you
are doing yourself a disservice if you do not seek what can actually help you. If adjustments are
analogous to Natural WD-40, then the functional application you need is duct tape to stabilize
your lower back. This is a big reason why your “adjustments” don’t hold or you might not get
relief that lasts longer than a few hours. Utilizing rehabilitation exercises that are specifically
designed for you are the key to helping you get the long-term relief you want along with the
education of what actually is causing your lower back pain.

If you are in too much pain or are unable to perform things that normally can decrease your pain, two of our go-to- modalities are
the NXPro and the Winback therapy devices. I have used these time and time again on people
who feel like their backs have locked up or don’t think they are able to get in the gym or return to
playing sports without aggravating their lower back pain.

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