When it comes to the complexity of shoulder pain and the various injuries and surgeries that can occur, rehabbing a shoulder can be quite tough with ongoing pain and lessen the patient experience if everything hurts. Whether it is a rotator cuff strain, a SLAP tear, frozen shoulder, biceps tendinopathy, or a calcific tendon, there is one thing that has been consistently shown to be an effective treatment option for improving pain, range of motion, and function of the shoulder–Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

(ESTW)Shockwave therapy is a bad name for it because most people instantly think it will be some form of an electrical current and feel like e-stim, which is definitely not the case. Shockwave uses acoustic sound waves produced by the applicator that physically penetrate the tissue to help “break down” irritated tissue, scar tissue, and/or calcium deposits. 

Although it sounds bad at first, the pro-inflammatory process essentially provides an opportunity for the body to re-boot the natural healing process by slightly breaking down the tissue from the trauma of the acoustic waves. To paint a better picture, imagine an explosion and the wave you see that follows afterward. This wave may break down the building, but a bigger and better building will soon follow. Also, the answer is yes. The shockwave does feel like a slight mini-explosion.

How We Incorporate Shockwave

 In our office, following appropriate evaluation and diagnosis, the shockwave is used prior to starting the physical rehabilitation component to help with increasing the range of motion and decreasing pain so that the rehab that follows will not be as difficult. 

There are a variety of intensity and speed settings depending on the condition, but after about 2-3 minutes, the results and relief will speak for themselves. 

In some cases, we will use the WINBACK Tecar Therapy to help de-sensitize the area and improve blood flow to the area so that it won’t feel as intense. These are a great combo for pain relief in the shoulder. Although the shockwave is a great tool for our patients and athletes with shoulder pain, it is not an end-all-be-all. That being said, proper mobility and stability drills to enhance the functionality of the shoulder are critical.

The shockwave is used to enhance the healing process and pain reduction. Without quality rehab, the treatment is nowhere near as effective.

That is why shoulder pain is the most common injury seen at Strength & Spine and why over 225+ people have left a 5-Star review about their experience with us.

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