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Winback TecartherapyT.E.C.A.R. means Transfer of Capacitive and Resistive Energy and describes a high-frequency alternating current. The scientific term describes the permittivity of the cell membrane at specific frequencies that can accelerate healing and rehabilitation. The targeted area can stimulate intra- and extracellular exchanges by making the plasma membrane permeable. A higher frequency current of 500 kHz can target superficial to semi-deep soft tissues and a frequency of 300 kHz can target deep hard tissues. Similar to other techniques we utilize in our offices, it is non-invasive and evidence has shown it to be effective.

There are three effects that happen with the use of Tecartherapy.

RELIEVE PAIN- it inhibits the transmission of pain by saturating nociceptors which can give immediate and lasting relief which can allow our rehabilitation to be less painful and more effective

RESTORE MOVEMENT- increasing temperature helps to release muscle tension and improve vascularization to make movement and improve your range of motion

BOOST METABOLISM- Stimulates intracellular and extracellular exchanges. The natural resistance of biological tissue increases, creating diathermy which is used by the vascular/lymphatic system.

Contraindications only include electrical implants like pacemakers, pregnancy, and cancer. A huge plus for using Tecartherapy is that you can use it on patients with orthopedic implants or in case of fractures. There are different settings and protocols for more acute injuries vs chronic conditions as your practitioner can use for your specific injury or goal. Utilizing the Winback Tecartherapy technology we can increase the effectiveness of our manual treatments either with the electrodes or the bracelet. Pairing this with an emphasis on rehabilitative exercises gives you the best possible results and will allow you to return to doing what you love. 

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