Here is why you will never see a "Voted Best Chiropractor in Tampa" or "Best Chiropractor in St. Pete" plaque in the office or on the website.

Drum roll's because the clinicians PAY for them. Every few months, clinicians of all kinds are spammed with mail asking us to pay for a specially made plaque that says "Best Doctor in X City". The inspiration for this blog came from Michelle at calling me to remind me to go to their link, enter my information, and pay for my "award" to be sent by the end of the month or I will lose the title. 

It's unbelievable how that works. Doctors of all kinds PAYING to have a fake title. And it's all for the sake of you, the potential patient, having a better chance of finding their office. Due mostly in part to people always Googling "Best X in Y city".

Strength & Spine Chiropractic has too much self-respect to pay for a fake plaque. But, do we think we are the best Chiropractors in the Tampa and St. Pete area? Well, we do! But not in an arrogant way. We pride ourselves on our abilities to provide top-of-the-line patient experiences and care. We know we're different because all of our patients tell us. Simply just check out the 170+ 5-Star Google Reviews we have.

We get it. Everyone is trying to look the best and be as presentable as possible in this market. That's what I think separates Strength & Spine Chiropractic from most. We are extremely authentic. Authenticity would be why we deserve to be the best chiropractor in Tampa and St. Pete. We know we are not the office for everyone. We know some might not like the idea of the care being in a sports-performance gym or powerlifting gym. The best part about this is that's okay.

We're not going to try and tell someone they need to see us if we do not think they will be a good fit for us. For example, as sport and rehab-based chiropractors, we prescribe in-office and at-home physiotherapy exercises. One of the first things we will tell you is that if you do not perform your recommended exercises or tell us you do not WANT to, we will not proceed with the initial exam. Why?? Because we don't want to dedicate our time and passion to someone who does not want to help themselves. AND chances are they will blame us for not "fixing them". 

When you are looking for the best chiropractor in Tampa bay or the best chiropractor in St. Pete, Strength & Spine Chiropractic will be here for you. The office sees my shoulder pain and knee pain and it does low back pain and neck pain. We'd love to help guide you to a life with less pain.

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Dr. Cameron Gholampour

Dr. Cameron Gholampour


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