The Back4 combines TECAR, Hi-TENS and HI-EMS currents and treats up to 3 areas of the body at the same time.

Due to Winback patented technology, the BACK4 can deliver several currents simultaneously and efficiently. The BACK4 can also allow for treatment of Capacitive (CET) and Resistive (RET) treatment simultaneously. It acts of all types of tissue for a wider field of action by combine all the currents of electrotherapy: high, medium, and low frequency.


T.E.C.A.R means Transfer of Capacitive And Resistive Energy

Tecar is high frequency alternating current.

According to the principle of Dr. D'Arsonval, Tecar causes a flow of ions through rapid electrical oscillations in the cellular environment.

The scientific and physical term to describe this phenomenon is the permittivity of the cell membrane.
Scientific studies have shown that 300kHz -1200kHz induces an increase in intra and extracellular exchanges and a diathermic effect on living tissue

Effects include: Biostimulation at the cellular level, pain relief, and diathermy


Hi-EMS represents electrostimulation

This creates a medium-frequency current (1500-4000Hz) that stimulates superficial or deep muscles Unlike traditional electrostimulation, the Hi-EMS current provides a virtually painless contraction

Effects include: Deep and superficial muscle recruitment for mobilization, vascularization, and drainage


Hi-Tens generates conventional Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in a pulsed high frequency (PHF).

This pulse train generates powerful low-frequency neurostimulation in the nerves. Hi-TENS technology easily penetrates the tissue, increasing the effectiveness of treatment. It utilizes the classic low frequency current (2Hz, 5Hz, 25Hz) in combination with the diathermic effects of the high frequency TECAR.

Effects include: Long-term relief of chronic pain, immediate pain relief for acute pain, controls inflammation, and defibrosis.

Winback tecartherapy has three effects to accelerate rehabilitation.

It makes the plasma membrane permeable, stimulating intra- and extracellular exchanges.

Relieve pain

Inhibits the transmission of pain messages by saturating nociceptors. The result? An immediate & lasting pain relief enabling therapists to work more smoothly et efficiently.

Restore movement

Increases temperature helping to release muscle tension and improve vascularization to make movement easier. Gain freedom and range of motion.

Boost metabolism

Stimulates intra and extracellular exchanges. The natural resistance of biological tissues increases, creating diathermy which is used by the vascular/lymphatic system.

Non-invasive & comfortable for both the patients and clinicians.

What does it feel like? What does it help with?

For the patient

The warm feeling and the immediate pain relief make the session pleasant for the patient (who will even ask for more!)

Conditions Treated with the Winback BACK1 Include:

Post-traumatic injuries and overtraining

Muscle and ligament injuries, Sprains, Tendinopathies, Muscle spasms and edema, Lumbago, Periostitis, Plantar fasciitis

Preparation & recovery

Muscle relaxation, Minimize the risk of past and potential injuries, Drainage, Endurance improvement, Stimulate vascularization, DOMS, Treatment of injuries