Kinetisense: Revolutionary Functional Movement Technology

Objective Assessments for any Movement Condition

Kinetisense is a 3D markerless motion capture system that provides valuable insight and information into the movement quality, mobility, stability, balance, and posture of patients and athletes. 

An essential ally that can help with diagnosing patients is the Kinetisense 3D motion capture system. The KAM’s functional movement screen is used by the NBA, MLB, the U.S. Olympic team, and a number of corporate and collegiate partners, our KAMS system is a cutting-edge tool that can quantify how your patient moves, give you a baseline for future assessments and create accurate reports that give you a real-time, objective assessment of how training and therapy are improving the patient’s condition

Real-Time Biofeedback

The KAMS module analyzes 12 evidence-based movements in 3 minutes to provide objective assessments of an athlete’s tri-planar motor control and flexibility. These assessments make it easy to see where movement requires correction. The Assessment uses a single front-facing camera and the subject performs 12 simple exercises.

Markerless Joint Recognition

Say goodbye to bulky setups or complicated functional movement screens that take valuable time and lack patient/client engagement. With KAMS, the 3D tri-planar analysis and joint mapping do all of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to spend less time in functional assessment and more time in training and treatment. KAMS is data-driven movement analytics at its best, providing a high level of inter- and intraexaminer reliability, which has been proven to be lacking in visual-based movement screens.

Advanced Metrics for Coaches/Trainers

The KAMS module empowers trainers and athletes to get the most out of each session. From movement competency to strength and conditioning, our system provides specific, objective insight into an athlete’s movement patterns. Never before have trainers had access to a system that is this powerful, affordable, and simple to set up. With a single-sensor arrangement, KAMS is portable, allowing it to be to used in a range of athletic environments.

Following performing the required movements, a simple-to-understand summary of the top 6 areas of potential concern in regards to mobility and stability.

Mobility deficits mean the joint does not have adequate range of motion (think feeling stiff or stuck). This would require what we call "WD-40" exercises. Stability deficits mean the joint and surrounding muscles do not have good control during movement (think being wobbly or sloppy movement). This would require "Duct Tape". Exercises to help with control of the specific joint in question.

Preview of the KAMS Assessment